Author(s): Hussein K Abdel Aal and Nejat Veziroglu


From the ancient times, mankind has always been aware all life on earth depends upon water, the principle ingredient of all living cells. Its importance in forming the creation in all of its aspects in general and the living-creatures in particular, as well as human kind, animals and plants is evident to all of us. It is highly important to know that water has played a major role for human kind. When the Ionian philosopher Thales of Miletus (624- 545 BC) replaced the Gods with Natural Laws as the force governing all phenomena, he made Water the central element in his theory. The paper addresses the issue that water, besides its indispensable usage by human beings in drinking and in everyday life, is the key element in providing life with energy, in the form of Hydrogen. The main aim of this work is to shed some light on the relationship between hydrogen, water and energy. A review of some scientific unique physical and powerful properties of water is presented. The high specific heat, caused by hydrogen bonding is behind the resistance to temperature change. Its availability for mankind made it the standard of the thermometric scale. Next, to present to the community of scientists some scientific citations and quotations that support our statement that water is the ultimate source of hydrogen energy. Newton, an avid alchemist set forth in De Natura Acidorium, the views that all substances can be reduced to water. Eventually, hydrogen, one of the components of water can be derived from it. What's most amazing is that all of these citations, scientific statements and notions had been proven to be in perfect agreement with science and our modern-day scientific discoveries that were not known to man 1,500 years ago. This understanding of the use of water in providing energy in the form of hydrogen, adds a new dimension to our scientific thinking, that life on earth depends totally upon water, the principle ingredient of living cells.

image 10.21746/ijbio.2014.07.004

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