International Journal of Bioassays International Journal of Bioassays [ISSN: 2278-778X] is an Open access, Peer-Reviewed, Multidisciplinary Journal. Int.J.Bioassays publishing full-length original Research Articles (RA), Review Articles (RevArt), Short Communications (SC), Case Studies (CS) and Letters To Editor (LTE) in the areas of Biological, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences. rss//ror.xml International Journal of Bioassays Volume 7, Issue 6 Investigation on population fluctuation of cucurbit fruit flies Bactrocera cucurbitae associated with cucurbit crops Sohrab, C.S. Prasad, Wajid Hasan Malignant diseases Mario Ciampolini Analysis of genetic diversity of Cercospora beticola isolates from Swiss chard in Southern Botswana Rebecca Utlwang, Daniel Loeto, Krishna B Khare, Kabo R Wale, Elenimo B Khonga, AmogelangT Segwagwe, Baemedi Letsholo Ossa wormianaA morphological study Rani Nallathamby, Meril Ann Soman