The study of frequency domine analysis of HRV in traffic police | Abstract
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The study of frequency domine analysis of HRV in traffic police

Author(s): Sathish Kumar M.*, Anand Shaker I., Kannan N., Naveen P., R. Aravind Kumar


Heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) is the measurement of noninvasive and quantitative marker of cardiac autonomic control. We have examined the autonomic activity of traffic police by calculating HRV to evaluate, predict and thereby prevent any hazardous occupation-induced health disorder that may set in as to precipitate in future; this may help them to improve their life expectancy.30 young adult traffic police were compared with that of 30 Normal controls to assess the relative sensitivity of each for distinguishing between a periods of cognitive workload. The frequency domain parameters such as HF, LF, HF/LF ratio, LF/HF ratio were recorded and evaluated. Comparison of HF, LF, HF/LF ratio, LF/HF ratio values in frequency domain analysis of the normal and deep breathing periods between group I and group II it showed that data of group II were highly significant when compared with that of group I in both the periods (p<0.001).

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