Standardization and anti-bacterial activity of Couroupita guianensis fruit shell extract. | Abstract
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Standardization and anti-bacterial activity of Couroupita guianensis fruit shell extract.

Author(s): S. A* Shete, Shah G. N., Walke S. S., Patil V. S., Patil K. D., Killedar S. G.


Cannon ball (Couroupita guianensis) ripen fruits were collected in month of May; outer shell was removed and dried under shade for 15 days. The dried shell was powdered and fine powder (#80) was extracted with alcohol (95%) by maceration method. Extract was filtered by vacuum filtration and filtrate was evaluated for pH, viscosity, fluorescence specific gravity. The liquid extract was evaporated and dried under reduced pressure and % yield was determined. Standardization of powder sample was done as per WHO guidelines. The powder sample showed extractive values for alcohol (2.11%) and water (19.5%), moisture content (7.55%), total ash value (14.01 %), acid insoluble ash value (12.56%) sulphated ash value (15.45%) water soluble ash value (2.38%). Phytochemical screening showed presence of tannins, sugars and polyphenolic compounds. Alcoholic extract was screened for antibacterial activity by cylindrical cup plate method using four standard bacterial cultures E.coli, S.aureus, B.subtilis, P.aeruoginosa. the most significant activity was found against B. subtilis at concentration 4mg as compare to other tested organism.

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