Review the amount of verbal violence against midwives and its related factors in midwife of Khuzestan province | Abstract
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Review the amount of verbal violence against midwives and its related factors in midwife of Khuzestan province

Author(s): Shanaz Najar, Monir Mohammad Alipour*, Porandokht Afshary, Engineer Hagigie


Violence in the workplace is a risk factor threatening safety of personnel, Health care workers, especially midwives, more than other employees at risk of threats, verbal and physical violence. Therefore the aim of this study was to determine the occupational verbal violence against midwives, and related factors in Khuzestan province. It was a descriptive, cross- sectional study. 400 midwives working in hospitals affiliated with the University of Medical Sciences in 2014 were studied. The data were collected by a questionnaire related to workplace violence in the health units, consisting of 4 parts (demographic, physical and verbal violence, related factors), which was completed by midwives. To analyze the results of the analytical test (X2 and Phi and Cramer's coefficient) were used in SPSS 19 software. 57.5% had experienced verbal violence. The experience of working with verbal abuse and shift and career and education and the workplace. There is a verbal violence (p≤0.05). But between verbal violence and hours of work per week there is no significant relationship (p≥0.05). Performing some measures such as educational courses about prevention of violence against midwives, repression of the opponent’s anger explanation of rules and regulations for workers and clients are recommended.

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