Probiotics in aquaculture: Importance, influence and future perspectives | Abstract
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Probiotics in aquaculture: Importance, influence and future perspectives

Author(s): Janardana Reddy S.


Probiotics have been widely used in livestock rearing, have also recently been applied to aquaculture to elevate the production. Probiotics are defined as live cells or a substrate that provides benefits through stimulation of growth, improved digestion, improved immune response and ingested with the aim of promoting good health. Probiotics can also improve water quality and pond management. This review summarizes the current understanding the use of probiotics in aquaculture, including the mechanism of probiotics, and describes their application, and prospects and difficulties associated with their use in aquaculture. This review includes general knowledge of probiotics from previous studies and evaluates the efficacy of probiotics in aquaculture. Research in probiotics for aquaculture such as finfish and shell fish culture is at an early stage of development and much work is still needed.

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