Plasmodium sp. infection among the people of Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria. | Abstract
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Plasmodium sp. infection among the people of Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria.

Author(s): Mogba Emmanuel O., Olanrewaju Comfort A.*, Malann Yoila D.


Malaria infection is a major public health problem in the sub-Sahara Africa. A study on the status of malaria parasite infection was carried out on patients visiting the Government General Hospital and Citizen Hospital (a private hospital) in Suleja Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria from the month of January to April, 2014. A total of 500 persons were examined, 250 persons from each of the two hospitals and grouped according to their ages, zones, occupation and sexes. The private hospital recorded the highest infection rate of 75.2% while the government hospital recorded a lower rate (41.6%) and the overall prevalence of the study was 58.4%. Madalla zone which is nearer to the centre of the town recorded the highest rate (97.5%), age group 0-10 years had the highest infection rate of 66.9%. Among the different occupations examined in this study, students had the highest prevalence of 79.7%. However, there were no significant differences in the rate of infections in these categories (P>0.05). In relation to sex, females were more infected (62.8%) than the males (53.1%) with a significant difference (P< 0.05). It is suggested that health education on the transmission, prevention and control of Plasmodium infection in schools, market and public places should be intensified.

image 10.21746/ijbio.2016.03.008

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