Mycorrhizal association and influence on growth of Asian pigeonwings (Clitoria ternatea L.) | Abstract
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Mycorrhizal association and influence on growth of Asian pigeonwings (Clitoria ternatea L.)

Author(s): Mane S. R., Kumbhar V. R., Birajdar G. M., Naryankar R. S., Gavali M. T., Udhav Narba Bhale*


Clitoria ternatea L. is an excellent herbal medicinal plant. Arbusular Mycorrhizal fungal (AMF) colonization and biomass of three different tested conditions of Clitoria ternatea plant was investigated. Inoculums of indigenous AMF and Trichoderma harzianum was tested greenhouse experiment and compared with natural condition after 60th days of treatment. Percentage of Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) infection, number of resting spores and AM fungi species varies in different land. Among three different conditions, natural conditions showed maximum root colonization (75.89%) than treated one but minimum spore density (358.8/100g rhizosphere soil). Highest spore density (481.6/100g soil) was found in T. harzianum treated condition followed by indigenous AMF treatment Acaulospora Glomus and Sclerocystis these three genera were found frequently. AMF inoculums and T. harzianum treatments conditions were observed promising biomass data of 60th days after treatment (DAT). When AMF are more colonized to plants then enhanced the biomass productivity.

image 10.21746/ijbio.2017.06.006

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