Morphometric measurement of Dutch clarias fed with bambara nut and coconut chaff.

Author(s): Chinakwe N. L., Solomon R. J.*


The length weight relationship and diet of Dutch Clarias was investigated in the University of Abuja, permanent site. 60 Dutch Clarias (fingerlings) of weight 0-20g and length (0-10cm) were grouped into three replicated tank, and fed for twelve weeks with a local formulated feed (Bambara nut and Coconut Chaff) and Coppen. Tank A had Coppen feeds which served as the control with a 42% crude protein, 13% Carbohydrate, 29% crude fibre, and 8% Ash, while Tank B has 42.25% protein, 48.41% Carbohydrate, 1.9% crude fibre, and 2.9% Ash, 10.8% crude lipid and 9.40% moist, fed Bambara nut and Coconut chaff at a ratio of 70to 30%. Tank C was served Bambara nut and Coconut chaff at a ratio of 30 to 70%, with an analysis of 42.18% crude protein, 58.37% Carbohydrate, 10.80% crude lipid, and 2.45% Ash, 0.5% crude fibre. Body and were fed 4% body weight twice daily (6 to 8 am, and 6 to 9pm). Their total weight and length were measured weekly and converted into log to calculate the relationship between them. Treatment A had a significant growth (p<0.05), followed by Tank B and C subsequently.

image 10.21746/ijbio.2017.02.008

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