Morphology of teliospores of ravenelia sp. On forest trees | Abstract
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Morphology of teliospores of ravenelia sp. On forest trees

Author(s): Vanita Mishra*, M. K. Thakur, R. P. Mishra


The study was conducted to show the morphology of teliospores of Ravenelia sp. This rust infects three different forest trees. These all three trees, Albizia procera, Albizia lebbeck, and Pongamia pinnata belong to family Fabaceae. Rust fungus, Ravenelia clemensae Syd. infects the leaves of Albizia procera and Albizia lebbeck, and the host tree Pongamia pinnata was infected by another species of Ravenelia, which was Ravenelia hobsoni. The rust infection starts in the month of September under favorable environmental conditions, when the new foliage is produced on the host plants. The present study showed that telial stage of Ravenelia sp. was found on all three host trees while pycnial, aecial and uredial stages were not found in these trees. The morphology of these spores, is described below. The morphological characters of these teliospores were found to be nearly similar to each other.

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