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Microbiological and comparative analysis of indigenous and semiindustrial fermented milk drinks (Fura da Nono and Fura da Yoghurt) sold in Nigeria├ó┬?┬?s capital

Author(s): Nneoma Confidence JeanStephanie Anyanwu


Purpose: Fura da nono is the Fulani name for a Nigerian locally made food drink which translates to millet and milk. Dairy products have frequently been implicated in transmission of food-borne pathogens. This research was aimed at ascertaining the overall safeness of locally prepared Fura da nono and packaged Fura and yoghurt sold in Abuja, Nigeria, by analyzing their microbial and nutritional contents.

Methodology: Five locations vending the food drinks of interest in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja were sampled; and five samples each of the two drinks obtained from the locations. Microbiological analysis was done using pour plate technique after six-fold serial dilution. Microbes were isolated via culturing and biochemical tests and confirmed using Microgen™ kits. Seven bacteria and two fungi were isolated. Proximate, comparative and sensory evaluation analysis was done on both food drinks and results obtained were analysed using SPSS version 20.

Results: Instant Fura da nono drinks obtained from Maitama district had the highest mean microbial count (p<0.05) while the highest for instant Fura da yoghurt was seen in Wuse. The percentage proximate analysis from the present study revealed Fura da nono to be more nutritious than its Fura da yoghurt counterpart while sensory evaluation showed the latter to be more acceptable and preferable to the former.

Conclusion: This study revealed the two drinks to be unsafe for consumption, most likely due to environmental factors, post-production handling and/or hygiene. However, instant Fura da nono prepared and sold in hygienic and/or non-open air environment serves as a more nutritious food drink than Fura da yoghurt. The urgent implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) for these dairy products is therefore imperative.

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