Effect of frozen storage on biochemical and sensory quality changes of fish cutlets, made from fresh water fish catla (Catla catla)

Author(s): Pawar P. P., Pagarkar A. U.*, Rathod N. B., Patil S. S., Mahakal B. V.


Shelf life of fish cutlet prepared from fresh water fish catla (Catla catla) were evaluated on the basis of biochemical and sensory qualities during frozen storage. The meat was separated from the fish and cutlet was prepared by following standardized recipe then frozen stored (-18ºC) and subjected to biochemical and sensory evaluation at interval of fifteen days through the study. Results indicated that the frozen cutlet was in acceptable condition upto 150 days at stored -18ºC. Biochemical parameters viz. pH, peroxide value, free fatty acid and total volatile base-Nitrogen showed increasing trend during the study. Scores for sensory parameters appearance, color, taste, odour and overall acceptability of cutlet were determined during the storage period; it showed a decreasing trend but was within acceptable limits up to 150 days

image 10.21746/ijbio.2013.05.0012

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