Curcumin protection against oxidative stress induced neural damage in developing brain of rat with naf exposure

Author(s): Kirankumar Nagapuri, Rajkiran Reddy Banala, Pratap Reddy Karnati*


Curcumin is a pivotal spice and ayurveda medication mostly used in India and other Asian countries. The curcumin is been part of people for centuries as a detoxificant, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory agent and it has also demonstrated to have anti-cancer properties. Fluoride is becoming an irreversible environmental pollutant causing various alignments in both humans and animals on chronic exposure. The ameliorative studies in developing rats were studied in presence of Curcumin against sodium fluoride induced oxidative stress. Curcumin (10mg/kg body wt) was orally administered to NaF (20 ppm fluoride) induced rats for 53 days. The behavioural study such as Rota rod was conducted at 21st and 30th day. The brains of 1, 7, 14, 21 and 30th day old pups were collected and analysed to check the levels of oxidation markers such as SOD, catalase and LPO. The levels of SOD and Catalase increased and whereas LPO were decreased with treatment of Curcumin. The results suggest that the Curcumin ameliorated the NaF induced alterations and proved to an excellent protective agent.

image 10.21746/ijbio.2015.07.008

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