A survey on the biological control of leafhoppers and planthoppers, injurious to rice plants by Pipunculids (Diptera)

Author(s): Shailendra Kumar Amogh, Ashwani Kumar and Prakash Michael


The project aim of the research is to find out different species of Pipunculids, natural enemies of rice leaf hoppers and plant hoppers in Indo- Nepal region in order to contribute towards the basic study of taxonomy of Pipunculids and biological control of these pests. In the present work eight specimen of Pipunculids were collected in which two species are new ones (Eudoryllas curvibellata sp. nov. and Pipunculus (Cephalops) Pokharensis sp. nov.) Simultaneously several leaf hoppers were collected and examined in different seasons and in different places. The percentage of parastism by Pipunculids in leaf hoppers was about 27.5%. It was also concluded that fencing of field with flowering plants saves crops because it was observed that the average parasitism was 46.5% in fencing field with flowering plants in comparision to the non-fencing field where the average parasitism was only 13%. Biological control of these pests will offer scope to contribute to better rice pest management.

image 10.21746/ijbio.2016.08.009

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